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Todd plays and endorses HOHNER Harmonicas, customized by Joe Spiers.

Interested in learning to play the harmonica?  Contact Todd to inquire about harmonica lessons via Skype.

Looking for resources from a recent seminar?  The links below should guide you to what you need.

Additional resources and information will be available here soon.  Check back for updates!

Harmonica Lessons and Workshops

Hi!  Todd Parrott here.... Thanks for stopping by!  Interested in harmonica lessons via Skype?  I try to keep my rates reasonable, at $35 for an hour lesson, with no additional charge if the lesson runs a little past the hour.  Skype lessons are a great option if you're already a harmonica player who's looking to get out of a rut and add new licks and ideas into your playing.  Lessons can focus on any topic or song of your choice, and all levels, from beginner to advanced are welcome.


If you're an absolute beginner and live in NC, you may be interested in one of the harmonica workshops offered locally at various times each year in the Raleigh-Durham and Charlotte areas.  Though these workshops are geared towards beginners, all levels are welcome.  The cost of this 6-week course is $145.  Compared to the cost of Skype lessons, this is a great deal, as each session is 2 hours in length.  Feel free to contact me via phone or e-mail with any questions or for more information.  Currently, there are no classes being offered, but classes will resume in 2020, so stay tuned for updates.


About the instructor:

Todd Parrott has been playing harmonica for nearly 30 years, and teaches and performs at various harmonica workshops and events across the USA and internationally including:


- The annual SPAH Convention - www.spah.org 

- The Virginia Harmonciafest - Virginia Beach, VA 

- The Midwest Harmonica Workshop - St. Paul, Minnesota 

- Harmonicollege - Huntington, West Virginia 

- The Tulsa Harmonica Summit - Tulsa, OK 

- The Nashville Harmonica Workshop - Nashville, TN 

- Hill Country Harmonica - Waterford, MS 

- Paradise Coast Harmonica Workshop - Naples, FL 

- Great Lakes Harmonica Retreat - Petoskey, MI 

- Helen Harp Fest - Helen, GA 

- Carolina Harp Fest - Concord, NC 

- Guangdong International Harmonica Festival - Guangzhou, China

Spiers High Performance Harmonicas



I hope you find something here that will be helpful to you as a harmonica player.  You may also visit me on YouTube at www.youtube.com/AceOfHarps

Special thanks to all who attended the harmonica workshops at the SPAH convention.  To access the presentations, overblow scales & tabs, country & blues pattern tabs, as well as the audio files:


Note: this will open the folder containing all of the files.  You'll need to scroll up and down to find the files you need.  Also, the audio files which demonstrate the patterns were initially created for Hill Country Harmonica attendees, but the content is the same.

I hope you enjoy these YouTube videos which feature some of my good friends in the harmonica community who have done some amazing work for me through the years.  Take care and perhaps I'll chat with you soon!  - Todd